Stormy Tuesdays

Hey all. It’s been one of those days.

Work is a mess.

The weather is bipolar.

I am still completely lost in life.

And one of the cats got sick in my bed. 

It’s very easy to feel discouraged during these times. My coworkers and other managers don’t respect me because of my age. I am spending hundreds of dollars on my cat. And I may have failed my praxis. 

But I am trying to keep my mood up. It’s easy to get sad or fall into a bottomless pit of depression. However, I am extremely blessed. I found an okay paying job in Chattanooga a week before I moved. My other two cats are in great health. I have a fantastic support system reassuring me that I don’t have to have my life figured out at 21. And the weather changes every second. 

I miss my family all the time, but I think about how blessed I am to have a family that is so close. Bad things happen to people every day, but bad things do not equate to a bad day. 

Photo on 3-21-17 at 7.32 PM.jpgI just have to remember to smile and think it will all get better. 


*********** In other news, Ewok has a vet appointment tomorrow so I will update everyone when I get the chance if this crazy southern weather doesn’t knock out my power again.**************

Thanks for the read…and let me know how your day was in the comments 🙂 


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