Netflix suggestions

Alright…so my boyfriend and I are the WORST at choosing new things to watch on Netflix. We don’t like to branch out and, let’s be honest, Netflix is sucking at the moment. BUT if like us, you need to watch a few new things, these are what Chris and I like to watch!

  • The Office
    • Hello, who doesn’t love watching Jim and Pam or Jim and Dwight, or Michael Scott versus the world? This show is amazing and you don’t really appreciate it until it’s over. Also, there are 9 seasons so by the time you’re done watching the entire series, YOU’VE ALREADY FORGOTTEN EVERYTHING SO YOU CAN WATCH AGAIN.
  • The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    • okay okay. so this one can be a hit or miss. Titus gets progressively more annoying, but you LOVE to hate him. If you’re looking for something to watch that you can do maybe like one episode a day or probably 3 a week, this is your show.
  • The People v. OJ Simpson
    • so Chris and I absolutely love this show. we binge watched it one weekend. It’s ridiculously good. Grab some popcorn and watch it go down.
  • Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
    • I had to include this in my list. I absolutely love this show. I don’t care how old it is or how many times you have watched it. WATCH IT AGAIN! If you don’t like these types of shows- 1) SHAME ON YOU, 2) Go watch season 6 episode 4 RIGHT NOW!
    • This show…props to netflix for doing the dang thing. this show is amazing. don’t watch season 1 episode 1 or else you’ll hate it. but seriously this show is fantastic. you can watch it in whatever order you want and they’re all different. they make you think. please go watch it.
  • Honorable mention: Santa Clarita Diet. I am not a fan, but if you like zombie comedies, this one is for you.

Thanks for the read. Don’t forget, I am still accepting donations for Ewok’s medical bills. Even donating $1 will help my little man with this unforeseen expense. Thanks!


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