Ewok Update

Hi again!


So, it’s been a week since Ewok had his little issue. So far so good. He hasn’t been blocked yet. I bought his first batch of canin urinary so food from Chewy and praise them for being a thing because they saved me a LOT of money.

I still have Ewok’s GoFundMe up. I really would appreciate the donations. I work at a coffee shop and am going back to school. I don’t have excess money to spend on his new food or the bills I racked up trying to make sure his bladder didn’t explode.

He’s been fantastic though. It’s amazing what a difference in personality there is after just changing his diet and getting him the necessary treatment. So far we have raised about $270. I will be selling jewelry, crocheted wash cloths, and just leaving up the GoFundMe. If you’d like anything I am selling, please comment and if you feel in your heart to donate to my little man, we would appreciate that as well.


Thank you so much!

Y’all are the cat’s meeeeeeoww.


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