Kitty update

Hey all!

SO we are coming up on the anniversary that I became a grandma. Ewok is almost a year old and he is the most amazing kitty I could ask for. He has a wonderful personality, loves people, and is so energetic.

About a month ago, I decided to get Ewok neutered. It is covered under my plan at the vet I go to and he was starting to cry a lot in my apartment. About a week and a half after Ewok got neutered, he started having urinary problems. We got him on pain killers and he was feeling great.

A week after that, he started having problems again. His tiny bladder was full and he could not pee. I had to take him to an emergency vet because he was blocked. They had to put a catheter in and run fluids in him to break up and flush out all the sludge in his bladder.

This entire time I was at work. I work at a brand new coffee shop and am about to go back to school to get my masters degree. This was a completely surprising expense. And it is also not surprising that i do not make a lot of money at the coffee shop I work at. Sadly, this procedure cost me $1500, with the possibility of him getting blocked again. I hate asking for money. But Ewok is like my child. I have had him since I found out his momma was pregnant and I hate seeing him in pain. I set up a GOFUNDME

Ewok at 11 weeks old

for Mr. Ewok. Anything would help. I mean even a dollar would help. He has to be on special urinary food the rest of his life, which costs about $38/case with two cases/month. Please share the word or help Ewok feel better. I know he appreciates all the love he has received the past few days.


Thank you!


If you would like to donate, please click here:

I also am selling rings for $5. If you are interested, I would love to send you one with a donation to his gofundme.


I love my little man more than anything in the world.


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