Kit Nip November Box Review

Well, it happened. I am officially have always been a crazy cat mom. About a week ago, I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a sponsored ad to some box with cat toys. It was actually super cheap (I think 24.95 with a coupon). And I thought meh. If I don’t like it, I’ll just quit the subscription.

So, it took about 4 days to get to me (not bad at all.) It was delivered right to my door. As soon as I walked in with it, the cats automatically knew it was theirs. So I opened the box and just set it out for the kitties to sniff it. I think all in all it took about 20 seconds for them to take out a toy and carry it around the apartment. 

2016-11-07 12.49.32.jpg

So the question is, what did I get and was it any good?

I got seven items (in the multiple cat box). The winner of the hearts of cats was this leopard print sock thing that has cat nip in it- retailing at about $5.00.  The second best toy was a pillow that said “keep calm and play on,” also retailing at about $5.00.

2016-11-07 12.53.29.jpg This one is loved by my two bigger cats, not so much Ewok. Ewok’s second favorite toy was this ball with feathers on it- retailing at $5.00. He played up and down the stairs with this one all afternoon. 2016-11-07 12.55.12.jpg2016-11-07 12.55.22.jpg

I got a few other toys and a pack of treats, but they weren’t that great. 

To be honest, if I had to score this box out of a 10, I would give them a 8.5. Now, my rating doesn’t take into consideration JUST the things that come in the box. I will score everything individually so you can see how I came up with this.

Shipping: 10- received it faster than expected in an adorable box

Customer Service: 10- My box was actually missing a toy. I contacted KitNip via email and within an hour they had already e-mailed me back saying they were sending me the toy. I was impressed.

Toys: 6- There was a good bit of items that my cats like, but half of the toys they weren’t that interested in.

Value: 8- If you have multiple cats who all play with different types of toys, this is the box for you. My cats didn’t like the toys, but it is still a good value. I paid $24 and the toys retailed at about $38. I saved more money than if I went to the pet store and bought toys. Plus, you don’t have to drive anywhere. 

Would I buy this every month? No, probably not. Would I buy it quarterly? Probably. It is a fantastic idea and the cats love the surprises. If you can afford it, go for it. At least try it once. Here is the link: 

Go buy your kitties a treat. Christmas is coming and I bet they would love a gift from Santa Paws! Plus, KitNip also donates to animal charities so while you are getting your cats something they love, you are also helping one in need. If you have any questions or want to see other reviews, check out their Facebook page.



Christina ♥



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