No Shave November?

Whaddddupppp, everyone!


I am back. I have been working like a dog and trying to better adapt to my new city. It’s definitely been a whirlwind.

Anyways, the point of this is to show how terrible razors are that are geared to women. Now I know everyone basically knows this, but let’s test it. Sadly, I didn’t document the process, but if you do you will know it is true.

I usually use Schick Quatro purple razor geared towards women. The most depressing part about being a woman is having to shave like literally every day. I would shave, get out of the shower, and of course it is colder so I get goosebumps. Almost immediately, my leg hair starts growing faster. UGH! I normally would have to shave every single day to have a sort of smooth leg.

The other day I was at Wal Mart and though meh. What the heck, let’s just go for it. So I got some cheap men’s razors. They’re BIC with the little balance ball on it. Oh my goodness. These things are amazing. I shave with them and my leg hair doesn’t grow back until like the second day. AND I don’t have to shave for three days. It sounds disgusting, but I don’t care. My legs. I absolutely adore these things. Sure, at first they sting a little and it may feel like you’re going to get razor burn, but if you can get past that they rock. They leave your legs smooth and soft.


So ladies, if you’re feeling frustrated with your “pink” razor. Try the BIC or Schick for men. Best part is, men’s razors are a little more inexpensive than “women’s.” I know most everyone knows this, but for some reason they continue to use women’s. Let’s break the habit and start buying smart! 😊


My next post will appear on Sunday so stay on the look out in case you wanted an update on how I helped make it easier for Ewok and Allie get more comfortable in their new home!



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