Well,  this is disappointing.

Not only have I basically had zero time to do anything, but I have neglected to post anything for far too long. I haven’t quite figured out the whole time management after starting a big girl job, but rest assured, I think I got it.


I FINALLY found all the kittens a new home and realized my absolute LOVE for rescuing kittens because after my grandcats were adopted out, we found a sweet 4 week old kitten on the bypass. Her siblings had all been ran over. Someone just threw her out on the busy street. Thankfully, she was willing to be picked up and has now become the biggest blessing in our lives. She is a torte, like my baby, and actually ended up going to my boyfriend’s mom, so I get to see her practically every day.


I hope one day I can start a shelter like I planned. I want to make sure that animals are not just thrown out on the road and left to die. Animals deserve more than that.


ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, Ewok has become the cutest little thing. Allie absolutely loves him. They play together all the time. I am so relieved that we got to keep one of her kittens. It has definitely been good for her to have a cat to play with while I am at work.


No other news for now. I will post every Sunday (hopefully) with updates or basically anything interesting I find. Thanks for reading and caring about my life.


Peace and blessings.

XOXO  Christina ♥


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