First, before I start by saying anything else, sorry for not updating in a while. Life is crazy.

Now onto the important stuff… MY BABY IS HAVING BABIES! And when I say my baby, I mean my cat Allie.

First, I was pissed. The freaking vet who was supposed to spay her NEVER DID! And the Humane Society in my city never caught it. When she ran away in January, Allie got a little frisky and kept warm with a little sneaky tomcat.

When I called the Humane Society to check her vet records, they told me she was spayed. I got her checked out by a vet and NOPE she has FIVE kittens in her belly!

I cannot wait to be a grandma! My grandcats will literally be my entire life once they’re born at any point in time. I can’t wait to give updates because I have never had to deal with this before. I know Allie is pumped because last time she was pregnant, her owner dumped her in the woods. If someone else had adopted her, they would not be as excited as me.

Also, if anyone has any tips for helping my cat with the birthing process or afterwards, please comment below. I AM SUPER EXCITED!


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