NO Means NO

If you have been living under a rock or just don’t check the news networks or social media at all, you won’t know what I am talking about. BUT for anyone else, you know what I am about to rant about.


I am not going to talk about the court case though. No. I am going to talk about the comments that started when the news hit social media.

“She is probably lying about him raping her.”

“She just wants the money. That’s why she yelled rape.”

“She is just being dramatic.”

“She deserved it. She sings about drugs and drinking and is always wearing slutty outfits.”

Oh. Cool. I missed the memo where victims got slut shamed and accused of lying. 90% of the negative comments made were by men. Why is it okay to shame a woman for a man not being able to control himself. Why is it a woman’s fault that she cannot be comfortable living her life without fear of being harmed. WHY DO PEOPLE NOT BELIEVE SOMEONE WHEN THEY SAY THEY WERE RAPED? Most importantly, why do the courts think a contract is worth more than someone’s emotional stability and rights. Everyone has the right to feel safe in a workplace. Many places have a ZERO tolerance for sexual harassment of any kind.

Does Kesha wear scandalous outfits? Yes. Does that mean she should be raped? Never.

Clothing isn’t an excuse to rape someone. Men get raped everyday. Are they wearing skimpy shorts and crop tops? I sure hope not.

Society’s norm of victim blaming is atrocious. Women are not equal. If they were, this would not be an issue. The rape may have been years ago, but being safe in a work environment is a RIGHT.

Make this right by supporting not only Kesha, but all victims of rape. Rape is never excusable. It is never okay. It will never be okay. No will always mean NO. If you want to help more than just spreading the word about this terrible phenomenon occurring in society, donate here to help Ke$ha buy her way out of her contract. If you want to do more, become a member of the Speak Out, Speak Now! campaign. You can either follow their blog or their Facebook page. Enough is enough.Start spreading the word that victim blaming is not okay. No one should be afraid to come forward and admit they were raped.



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