Adoption is an Option

Cats are some of the cutest creatures life has to offer. I mean look at this baby!

Allie: Age 3

And this one!

Stanley: Age 2.5

Can’t forget this big boy!

Jeter: Age 7

And my two cute babies!

Scraggles: R.I.P– Bo: Age 1.5

I have a problem. I keep taking in cats. They are just SO FLUFFY AND SWEET! I just cannot even handle myself.

Wanna know what you can do to get one of these sweet creatures (not mine, but some like them)?


Pet adoption can be pricey, but is totally worth it. That wonderful feeling you get when you know you can have a sweet purr- baby and change his or her life comes as soon as you sign the paperwork. You can adopt from your local Humane Society or any animal control shelter. If you see a cat on the road, or one comes to your house, make sure they are fixed!

I adopted Allie in June when she was three years old and she was so depressed. Now, she is so lively and loves to play with her mouse. I adopted Stanley in June of 2014 as a kitten. He was the only one of his brothers left. Every time I stop by where there are cats, I just want to take them all. But I can’t ):

YOU CAN THOUGH! The price is steep, but worth it. You can save up money every month to adopt and the litter and food isn’t too expensive every month. These babies need a home. And try to adopt a sweet baby who isn’t a kitten because they are still lively, cuddly, and fun. We got Jeter when he was 7 and he still acts like a 6 week old kitten. They are amazing. Please look into it and give these precious angels a fur-ever home!


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