Stumbling and Standing

Sending beautiful thoughts your way, Chesney.

My Stomachless Life

This is Melana, updating for Chesney as she rests in yet another hospital bed.

The events of yesterday surprised us. Chesney had been increasingly tired for two days, and we’d even commented about the common TG trait of Vitamin B deficiencies, wondering if the fatigue was due to that. But about 10:00 a.m. I heard her moan from her bedroom, and walked in to find her almost comatose across her bed. She couldn’t focus, and couldn’t form words clearly.

On the first try I reached our surgeon’s nurse on her direct line, and we talked through several possibilities. We agreed to stay in communication and see what developed over an hour or so. D.L., wonderful brother-in-law that he is, came out immediately and helped with logistics, another set of eyes, and his trademark optimistic common sense. We Face Timed with Steve, to get his read on her condition. She was…

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