How My Cat Saved My Life

A few years ago, I got my first cat. His name was Scraggles. He licked tears off my face when I was sad and would cuddle with me when I felt extra lonely. He was my best friend when I had no friends and my favorite guy even when I started dating Chris. Sadly, on June 6, 2015 my baby went onto the Rainbow Bridge to wait for me until my time was up. When he died in my arms, a huge part of me went with him. I didn’t want another cat ever again. My parents really wanted me to get another cat so I decided to humor them by going to the Humane Society.


An hour and a bucket of tears later, I found a new love. Her name was Allie. She had been thrown out, had her babies taken away, and was left to basically die in the Humane Society. She was three, but looked like she was maybe 6 months old. I didn’t want to spit in the face of my baby who had passed on, but I figured out that loving another animal who never got the same love as my Scraggles was my way of grieving.

When I moved to Nashville about a month ago, Allie ran out of my car. I was devastated. I thought she was gone forever and I have been trying to deal with it for quite some time. After a lot of thought and prayer, a sweet lady caught her. And I can’t help but think that God somehow intervened. That lady never got a “MISSING CAT” flyer, but luckily she had been feeding my baby for two weeks. When tornadoes were supposed to hit my hometown, Allie was caught. I got my baby back even though she was impossible to catch. God intervened. Allie is my world. She makes my anxiety and depression go away. She is as sassy as me and needs me. Even though Scraggles was gone, Allie still was able to take away a lot of that pain. She saved me from drowning in my anxiety and depression and for that I am thankful.12662555_1410266835666232_2703293561613912869_n


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