What to do about Clip In Hair Extensions

We’ve all been there. Wishing our hair was longer, thicker, or more voluminous. I have spent/ wasted PLENTY of money on hair extensions. So how do you know what hair extensions are right for you? I have a few easy steps for you to take to make sure you don’t waste any money.


When you set out to buy extensions, do not try to take the cheap way out. If you do, you will no doubt have extensions that are so poorly made, they will not shed EVERYWHERE. And I mean everywhere.


This is important because while most hair extensions can be dyed, it is extremely damaging and the more damage you put on those extensions, the less time you will get to enjoy them.

3. Watch reviews online.

Don’t just google hair extensions. There are several good brands to look at. Here are a few:

  1. Irresistible Me
    1. I have these and LOVE them. The hair colors are perfect and so are the weight choices.
  2. Foxy Locks
    1. I did not own these, but I have worn them and they are definitely worth the money.
  3. Bellami Hair
    1. These have fantastic reviews. The only problem is that they shed a lot.

These are the top three choices, but feel free to check out some more hair extension reviews on YouTube!

4. Know what weight you want.

Going to thick is not a problem. You’ll just have some extra hair left when you clip them in. The problem comes up when you buy extensions that are too thin. They won’t blend properly and your hair will look flat and stringy.


I LOVE my extensions. I don’t care how people view me for wearing them. They are definitely worth the investments and if you look on sites such as RetailMeNot, there are bound to be great coupons! I hope this helped you a little bit and I will post a picture below of the before and after pictures with my Irresistible Me extensions and then I will show an example of some bad extensions I got that were way too thin.

Photo on 11-19-13 at 9.42 PM #4
Clearly these are too thin. my hair looks way too stringy.
Clearly these are too thin. my hair looks way too stringy.


Here is a before picture of my hair now
In my irresistible Me extensions, you can clearly see that they blend perfectly and my hair looks full. I love them. 

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